The laboratories, gardens, greenhouses, herbarium, and seedbank in the K.C. Irving Centre provide students and faculty with the tools and opportunity to conduct world class research at Acadia.

The focus of the Centre is on the ecology of the Acadian Forest Region and its associated wetlands, however collaboration with local industries and agricultural partners is encouraged to help solve local problems .


Student and Faculty Research Previews

Research is a slow process, often taking many months or even years before it has progressed to the stage where results can be presented at conferences or in publications. To help inform the public and other students of the research that is being conducted In the K.C. Irving Centre, we ask researchers using the facility to prepare small informative posters, highlighting the nature of their early stage research projects. While the research is ongoing, the posters are available for viewing in the greenhouse corridor on the upper level, and in the research corridor on the lower level. The posters are archived here.


2018 Research

Testing commercial biocontrol products against Fusarium basal rot of onions in the Annapolis Valley
Christianne F. Hagerman, Adèle L. Bunbury-Blanchette, Allison K. Walker

How water physical-chemistry influences the bioavailability and biomagnification of mercury in estuarine systems, Melimoyu Nature Reserve, Northern Chilean Patagonia. 
Elvira Vergara, Dr. Karen Kidd, Dr. Cristobal Galbán, Dr. Paulina Bahamonde, Dr. Nelson O’Driscoll,  Dr. Gustavo Chiang

The Tale of Two Underdogs:
Mycorrhizal Fungi and the Endangered
Eastern Mountain Avens (Geum peckii Pursh)(Rosaceae)
Rebecca Dodge, Robin Browne, Juan Carlos López, Allison K. Walker

Use of Mesocosms to Study the Motility and Recruitment of Corophium volutator into Invertebrate Assemblages
Erin MacDonald, Wesley Harding, Adele Bunbury-Blanchette and Glenys Gibson

Hiding in Plain Sight:
Alteration of Plant Odours with Granite Dust
Megan MacIsaac, Dr Nicoletta Faraone, and Dr Kirk Hillier

Using Lichens as Spatial Indicators of
Trace Metal Distribution 
Dr. Sara Klapstein, Cardy Hallett Saunders, Dr. Allison Walker, Robert Cameron, Dr. John Murimboh, Dr. Nelson O’Driscoll

Growing pains: Greenhouse acclimatization of the endangered native species Drosera filiformis (thread-leaved sundew) propagated from tissue culture
Stephanie Tanner, April Muirhead, Juan Carlos López, Allison K. Walker and Robin Browne

Can Activated Charcoal and Plating Density Improve Germination Rates of Geum peckii (Eastern Mountain Avens)?
Rachel Murray, April Muirhead, Juan Carlos López, Allison K. Walker and Robin Browne

Effects of Sterilization Treatments and Media Containing Growth Hormones on Sporobolus pumilus 
Ryann Jinks, April Muirhead, Juan Carlos López, Allison K. Walker and Robin Browne

Isolating Friendly Saltmarsh Mycorrhizal Fungal Spores of Funneliformis geosporum
Adam Discher, Tyler W. d’Entremont, Allison K. Walker, Robin Browne and Juan C. López


2017 Research

Developing a Bio-economy of Flax Fibers in Atlantic Canada
Martin Tango, Katie Cook, Ruth Njagi, Robin Browne, Etienne Mfoumou, Susmita Ghosh and Donald Gauthier

Contributions of Biochar and Mycorrhizal Fungi to the Growth of Geum peckii (Eastern Mountain Avens)
Jacqueline Bradbury, Dr. Juan Carlos López,Dr. Robin Browne, Dr. Allison Walker

Mercury stability on Usnea lichens
Inês Carvalho, Joao Canario, Nelson O’Driscoll


Acadia Seedbank Program
Irving Biodiversity Collection
April Muirhead, Riley Scanlan, Robin Browne, David Kristie, Rodger Evans

Spatial Distribution of Metalsin Lake Bottom Sedimentat a Pulp Mill Effluent Discharge Site, Pictou Co., Nova Scotia
Baillie Holmes, Kirklyn Davidson, Dr. Ian Spooner

Influences of Water and Sediment Chemistry on Mercury Bioaccumulation in Freshwater Invertebrates from Two Lakes in Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia
Rachel Clarke, Sara Klapstein, Kirk Hillier, Nelson O’Driscoll

Epigenetic effect of Bisphenol-A and Folic acid on plant growth and flower development of Snapdagons (Antirrhinum majus).
Kayoung Heo, Rodger Evans, Glenys Gibson

Examining Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Spartina species of the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia
Tyler d’Entremont, Juan Carlos López, Allison K. Walker

From Seed to Plant: Propagating Critically Imperiled Rockrose
Hannah Gillam, Colton Burke, April Muirhead, Robin Browne and Rodger Evans

Monitoring for Spotted-wing drosophila, an invasive pest in small fruits and berries.
Little, CM, Chapman TW, Hillier NK

Recovery strategy for Long’s Braya, Braya longii, and
Fernald’s Braya, Braya fernaldii, in Canada
Hillier NK, House D, Kollipara R, Luck T, Hermanutz L, Pawlowski S, Rizzato R

Testing biological control agents against Fusarium basal rot of
onions in the Annapolis Valley
Adèle L. Bunbury-Blanchette, Allison K. Walker

Effects of lime application on root starch content and growth of sugar maple trees Tyler Wade d’Entremont, Sarah Adams, Phyllis Essex-Fraser, Anthony Tong, and David N. Kristie


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