Phytotron Specifications

Phytotron Technical Specifications: Each phytotron is a 20m2 (200 ft2) south facing greenhouse with computer controlled environment. The roof height varies from 13.8 feet (4.22 m) to 17.5 feet (5.36m) on a southern slant. Access is via one out-swing door 42" x 7 feet.

Environmental Controls: The Argus computer system allows an integrated control of all environmental control systems as well as data recording, sensor measurements and alarm notification. The system makes decisions based on sensor readings from an Aspirated Temperature and Humidity module inside each greenhouse and phytotron. Parameters such as light measurement are collected from a weather station in the garden and may not be accurate indications of interior conditions.


  • 6  - 400 watt (240 V) High Intensity Discharge lights (HID) on a single circuit
  • Counterweighted mobile grid of variable height from 7.5 feet (2.25m) to 11 feet (2.64m) above floor

Shade Cloth

  • 50% roof shade cloth
  • 20% south and east vertical shades
  • No blackout curtains.

Environmental Controls

  • Dedicated Forced Air Handling Units (AHU) provide heating and cooling
  • AHU filters capable of scrubbing ethylene, nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide
  • Can introduce atmospheric carbon dioxide (at ±10ppm) into the environment
  • No window vents, all Phytotrons are completely air tight
  • Evaporative cooling and humidity control are provided by a reverse osmosis high pressure dry fog system.
  • There are no horizontal air flow fans.
  • Snow loads are melted by hot water (glycol) radiators placed near the roof.

Electrical Specs and other equipment

  • 4 computer controllable 120V (60 hertz) AC circuits (grey plugs)
  • 5 -120V (60 hertz) AC circuits (white plugs)
  • 1 LAN computer connection
  • 5 soil temperature sensors (STS) with 5 pin connectors
  • 6 generic sensor inputs (SI) with 5 pin connectors.
  • 2 soil temperature sensors (must be requested)
  • 9 three tier expanded metal mobile carts measuring 30"x 26" (76cm x 66cm)
  • Each cart height can be adjusted from 32" to 48" (81cm to 122cm)
  • Each cart can be equipped with an overhead canopy 21" (0.52m) high that has irrigation nozzles attached.


  • 7 tempered (chlorinated) town water faucets (TW)
  • 1 ground water faucet (GW)
  • 2 computer controlled faucets, 1 tempered water and 1 low pressure reverse osmosis (LPRO)
  • ¾ inch diameter hose and a watering wand for manual irrigation