K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre & Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens Staff

Suzanne, John, Marcel, Adrien, David, Heather, Melanie


 Marcel Falkenham, Director of Facilities
 Phone: 902.585.1839
 Email: marcel.falkenham@acadiau.ca

 Suzanne Stewart, Assistant to the Director
 Phone: 902.585.1675  Fax: 902.585.1034
 Email: suzanne.stewart@acadiau.ca

 John Walker, Facility Manager
 Phone: 902.585.1844
 Email: john.walker@acadiau.ca

 Dr. David Kristie, Director of Research
 Phone: 902.585.1573
 Email: david.kristie@acadiau.ca

 Dr. Rodger Evans, Director of E.C. Smith Herbarium
 Phone: 902.585.1710
 Email: rodger.evans@acadiau.ca

 Heather Elliott, Greenhouse and Botany Technician
 Email: heather.elliott@acadiau.ca

 Dr. Robin Browne, Propagation Specialist 
Email: robin.browne@acadiau.ca

 Melanie Priesnitz, Conservation Horticulturist
 Phone: 902.585.1916
 Email: melanie.priesnitz@acadiau.ca

 Adrien Greene, Seasonal Gardener and Educator
 Phone: 902.599.1576
 Email: adrien.greene@acadiau.ca

Coordinators of Café & Visitor Services
Heather Noseworthy-Smith
Gillian Warrickgillian.warrick@acadiau.ca
Phone: 902.585.1917