February 2016

by Kristie, David

On the hunt for oil-eating fungi

Our oceans are full of interesting organisms, including many species of fungi. No, they don’t look like the mushrooms you’d find on a forest hike but they are just as interesting. And, although you need a microscope to see them suspended in sea water, they have the potential to perform environmentally significant work.  Some can even “eat” oil.

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by Priesnitz, Melanie

Sand and Mud, and the Habitat Engineers of the Minas Basin

Dr. Glenys Gibson and her team of students have one of the most beautiful laboratories in the world, the Minas Basin, in Nova Scotia. Benthic invertebrates of the Minas Basin are a major food source for fishes and also for thousands of migratory birds that flock to the tidal flats to feed. The invertebrates rely on suspended sediment carried by the tides for nourishment. 

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