July 2019

by Kristie, David

It is always a pleasure to watch students begin their research journeys at Acadia, often by volunteering and/or working as research assistants in the K.C. Irving Centre, and then sometimes returning to the Irving Centre in their fourth year, to work on their Honours Research projects. It's great to welcome back two 4th year ENVS students, Haley Geizer, and Riley Scanlan, who have been working and volunteering in the Irving Centre since their first year at Acadia. Haley spent her first two summers at Acadia working as a research assistant in Dr Nelson O'Driscoll's mercury lab, and is returning this summer to begin her Honours thesis on mercury and nutrient transport by seagulls. Riley Scanlan started volunteering in the Gardens in her first year and then worked in the Acadia Seed Bank in her second year. Riley is now back and beginning her Honours thesis work mapping old growth forests in the Annapolis Valley under supervision of Dr David Duke and Herbarium manager, Alain Belliveau.

We missed Haley and Riley in their third year as both took part in Acadia's spectacular exchange program to study in Norway. While studying in Norway Riley also had the rare opportunity to visit the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which she wrote about here.  Haley's and Riley's experiences in Norway were recently highlighted in an Acadia Spotlight article.