Old growth forests are unique, vital reservoirs of carbon, ecological continuity and genetic information. Limited and scattered fragments of old growth forests persist on private lands in the Annapolis Valley, but are not governed by provincial legislation. This project aims to locate remaining old growth forests in the valley and bring to light both efficiencies and deficiencies in provincial policies.

Old Forest Indicators

  • Age > 125 years
  • Varied tree trunk diameter
  • Significant amount of deadwood
  • Lack of human development
  • Diverse canopy and stand structure


Using Google satellite imagery and ArcGIS, forests with potentially old growth status are identified. Forest stands are then visited and given an old growth score out of 100, based on old forest indicators, to create a map of old growth forests in Annapolis Valley. A literature review will then use this data to examine protection policies and look for improved legislation opportunities.

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