At the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre and Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens, we investigate the natural world through environmental study in the Acadian Forest Region and its wetlands.

The Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens offer an exceptional opportunity for researchers to work within a living laboratory. This setting and its extensive resources – laboratories, gardens, greenhouses, and a world-class herbarium and seedbank combined with local businesses and agricultural partners – support students and faculty in leading-edge research.

Phytotrons, growth chambers, and mesocosms provide researchers with highly adaptable systems to understand the effects of environmental change and impacts associated with global warming. The Wetland Research Laboratory is specially equipped for the study of our unique Gulf of Maine/Bay of Fundy macrotidal environment. The hands-on study that these facilities provide is supported by analytical laboratories focused on the study of contaminants in the environment.

Student and
Faculty Research

To help inform the public and other students of the research that is being conducted In the K.C. Irving Centre, we ask researchers using the facility to prepare small informative posters, highlighting the nature of their early stage research projects.