A graduate of Rothesay Netherwood School, Abby Legere is from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and grew up with a passion and concern for the environment. Abby was a three-sport athlete at RNS (hockey, soccer, volleyball) in addition to being a prefect and maintaining an academic average that allowed her to graduate in June of 2019 with an Honours with Distinction designation. Her most rewarding activity at RNS was being a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters and being paired with an elementary school mentee from whom she learned how to be a positive role model and leader. During her three years at RNS, she was involved with Outflow coaching, a program that served food to the homeless population in the Saint John area. She was chosen in 2017 to represent RNS at the annual Canadian Accredited Independent Schools Leadership Conference. 

Abby is pursuing a Biology degree at Acadia, and her ambition is to find the means to reduce the environmental footprint of humans.