Emma Rand is from Port Williams, Nova Scotia and has a strong background in farming and the 4-H movement. In 2017, she served as President of two 4-H clubs, the Kings County 4-H Council and the Cornwallis Project and since 2013 has collected numerous awards and prizes for her entomology collection as well as her sheep and vegetables. Emma’s goal is to further her studies in entomology specifically as it relates to researching environmental solutions to local and global issues. She has already gained considerable experience through her independent work in organic farming and performing shadow research on fruit flies in local berry crops at the Kentville Research Station. A musician who performed in two high school bands and served on her grad committee, Emma’s commitment to academics included mentoring students and co-founding a peer-tutoring club. At Acadia, in addition to expanding her entomological research, Emma is looking forward to continuing her leadership work in 4-H and giving back to her on-and-off-campus communities.