Eve Pole, from St. Stephen, New Brunswick is a 2022 honours graduate from St. Stephen High School. She was on the grad class executive team and president of the G.R.E.E.N. Group, where she led initiatives that helped educate students about sustainability and the impact humans have on the planet. During her grade twelve year, Eve took a Personal Interest Course that she developed to interview small local businesses about their carbon footprints, textile waste and reusable energy. She was interested to find out what they are doing to support the green movement. Her project helped members of her community learn where their products were coming from and the impact they were leaving on the environment. While being a key member of school clubs, Eve also played curling, volleyball, and was the captain of the varsity softball team. 

Eve will be studying Environmental Science at Acadia, and hopes to contribute to ecological research and the impact humans have on the environment.