Karmen Simonson is from Dinsmore, Saskatchewan and was drawn to Acadia because of her fascination with the ocean and its biodiversity. Growing up on a cattle ranch, Karmen has a deep understanding of the challenges facing agriculture and the practices developed by farmers to balance the demands of ever higher crop production with long-term environmental sustainability. A committed community volunteer, Karmen lends her energy and enthusiasm to a number of programs such as Meals on Wheels and Physical Activity for Active Living – a week-long sports camp for children with mental and physical disabilities. Karmen also served as President of her Student Representative Council in her senior year of high school and was co-editor of her school/community newspaper for three years. She plays several sports including hockey and volleyball and coaches younger children. Her goal is to become a doctor with a specific focus on obstetrics and gynecology so she can focus on the challenges faced by women before, during, and following pregnancy.