Tyler d’Entrement earned his BScH from Acadia in May 2017, completing his final two years as an Arthur Irving Academy Scholar in Environmental Science. Tyler’s research into two Spartina saltmarsh grasses and the specific fungi found on them earned him recognition from his academic peers. In 2017, he presented his work in Georgia at the Mycological Society of America and in Ontario at the 33rd Great Lakes Mycological Meeting where he won Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation. This research led him to want to examine whether these fungi can be used to help increase the salt tolerance of many plant species used in saltmarsh restoration work. Saltmarshes are important for stabilizing coastlines and creating new habitat for coastal and estuarine species and his Arthur Irving Academy Master’s Scholarship in Environmental Science will support Tyler’s unprecedented research.

Tyler is from Pubnico, Nova Scotia and beyond his studies he is a Jumpstart Advocate in affiliation with Sportchek where he is involved with fundraising to help local low-income families become involved in various sports.